Past Features

August 4, 2017

Keeping an aerial eye on border group
CBP choppers make many visits to high-tech,
non-profit American Border Patrol

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Glenn Spencer -- August 4, 2017
Cheaper to drive
    Yesterday, a Blackhawk helicopter flew low over American Border Patrol's border ranch and circled. I wasn't there at the time, but an ABP employee said the door of the chopper was open and people were staring out at our border banners and high-tech test range.
    He took a snapshot of the Blackhawk as it was flying off.
    We get many such visits by Blackhawk helicopters and sometimes we get photos of them --- but only sometimes.
    Customs and Border Protection must have a great interest in American Border Patrol's activities. While it could require a major change in policy regarding contact with my organization, it might be cheaper if they simply drove over and paid us a visit in person.
    I would be happy to show them around.
    They would see there is nothing to fear.