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August 5, 2017

Mainstream Madness?

July 25 hearing of Chairwoman Martha McSally's border subcommittee.
Glenn Spencer -- August 5, 2017
The mainstream media have lost their minds
    With Chairwoman Martha McSally looking on, during a July 25 hearing of her subcommittee, a CBP official described the method the US Border Patrol uses to a alert agents of the detection of possible intruders. He said the system is called ICAD.
    Never mind that a report by the DHS Office of Inspector General reported --- even years ago --- found that the ICAD system showed that ground sensors the Border Patrol uses have a false alarm rate greater than 90%, and are next to useless.
    Never mind that four years ago, Wired magazine reported that a plan to improve these sensors was scrapped due to technical difficulties.
    Never mind that I invented technology to solve these technical difficulties and was granted a patent for my idea (together with Mike King).
    Either Chairwoman Martha McSally is not aware of the serious problems of ground sensors, or, if she is, still refuses to talk to me about a solution patented by the U.S. government.
    This is a story of either gross incompetence, or serious misfeasance on the part of an elected official in a key position to influence our national security decisions.
    This is a story of vital interest to all Americans --- yet the mainstream media refuse to tell it --- airtight proof that the they have lost their minds.