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August 10, 2017

Mexifornia Frightens Kiewit Away
Experienced contractor not bidding on Trump 'wall'

Kiewit Construction Company working on fence at Glenn Spencer's border ranch --- December, 2009.
Slate -- August 9, 2017
California Cities Are Trying to Shun the Companies That Build Trump's Wall
    Overmatched in Congress by gerrymandering, rural bias, and clustering, blue cities and states have little power in Washington to stop President Trump's border wall.
    Back at home, however, they issue billions of dollars in procurement contracts to some of the same construction companies that are bidding to build the wall along the U.S-Mexico border. Maybe it's there, politicians reason, that they could make their voice heard.
    On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted to draw up a law to require firms bidding for city contracts to disclose their role in the border wall. Oakland and Berkeley have already said they will not do business with companies involved in design and construction of the wall. Similar efforts have been proposed in San Francisco and New York, and California state legislators have taken aim both at contracting with companies who work on the wall and using state pension funds to invest in them. [...]
    Still, the outrage around the wall has been successful so far in dissuading several high-profile companies from participating in the bid process. When the bids are finally revealed, the opprobrium could stick to some of those companies in ways that extend beyond what's prescribed by local or state law. When it comes time for blue states to award corporate subsidies, for example, firms might find their enthusiasm for the wall becomes a political liability.

Glenn Spencer -- August 10, 2017
When will America finally wake up?
    Years ago, Mario Obledo said: “California is going to become a Hispanic State and anyone who doesn't like it should leave.”
    Hispanic and Mexican are interchangeable. Today, California is a Mexican state and it is working to subvert the ability of the United States government to defend against the ongoing invasion from Mexico.
    I have learned from a very reliable source that Kiewit Construction Company - a huge company - has decided not to bid any new construction of border barriers. Kiewit is one of the most experienced companies working on the border today and, because of political pressure, we will not benefit from their expertise to help defend America. The political pressure comes solely from California --- a Mexican state.
    When will America finally wake up?