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August 11, 2017

Trump unveils part of Texas plan
Expect more resistance --- from Republicans

From My Statesman -- Red numbers added. Parts of levee
shown in black (existing fence) can be seen under construction in 2009 here and here
My Statesman -- August 10, 2017
New map details Trump's Texas border wall plan, renewing flood concerns
    The full scope of the Trump administration's border wall ambitions in the Rio Grande Valley emerged this week with the revelation that the U.S. Border Patrol has plans to build 32 miles of barrier in Starr County, where flooding concerns helped kill off similar plans half a decade ago.
    According to a Border Patrol map shown to local officials and stakeholders last week, and obtained by the American-Statesman, the agency has preliminary plans to wall off nearly the entirety of Hidalgo County's southern edge. In neighboring Starr County, the map shows substantial border wall segments would be built in Rio Grande City, west of Sullivan City and a lengthy stretch from Roma to the southern tip of Falcon Lake.

Glenn Spencer -- August 11, 2017
The Republican border security myth
  It is a myth that most Republican members of Congress want real border security. I proved that with Operation BEEF.
    Elections are won with money --- and that money is controlled by globalists who oppose borders.
    On Sunday, August 6, during her visit to my ranch, Michelle Malkin asked if my congressman had seen my technology. I had to tell her that my congressman, Rep. Martha McSally, was Chairwoman of the Border and Maritime Subcommittee, but has refused to talk to me for more than two years.
    Malkin was really shocked upon hearing this.
   I went further and said that I had called on McSally to resign.
    Rep. Martha McSally is a Republican.
PS -- Michelle was also shocked to learn that I had produced a detailed map with photographs of the entire border fence. I had to explain that my work is blocked by the mainstream media. They don't want America to know the truth.