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August 14, 2017

Liberal alchemists: Turning
California Gold into Lead
California overwhelmed by 'immigrant' poverty

Spencer coined the phrase: Importing poverty
Dan Walters -- CALMatters -- August 13, 2017
Walters: Why does California have the nation's highest poverty level?
    With all the recent hoopla about California's record-low unemployment rate and the heady prospect of its becoming No. 5 in global economic rankings, it is easy to lose sight of another salient fact: It is the nation's most poverty-stricken state.
    So says the U.S. Census Bureau in its “supplemental measure” of poverty that is a far more accurate than the traditional measure because it takes into account not only income, but living costs.
    By the measure, just over 20 percent of Californians are living in poverty. The Public Policy Institute of California has devised its own measure, similar to the Census Bureau's, that not only validates the 20 percent figure, but tells us that another 20 percent of Californians are in “near-poverty,” which means they struggle to pay for food, shelter and other necessities of life.
    Another indicator of California's impoverishment is that more than a third of its 39 million residents are enrolled in Medi-Cal, the state-federal program of medical care for the poor. And that doesn't count a few million more who cannot legally obtain Medi-Cal coverage because they are undocumented immigrants.
    Finally, 60 percent of California's 6 million K-12 students are either “English-learners” or come from poor families, thus qualifying their schools for additional state support aimed at improving their academic achievements

Glenn Spencer -- August 14, 2017
We tried, but we couldn't save California
   Next month will mark twenty-five years since I coined the phrase --- “Importing Poverty” --- for the headline of my monthly newsletter for Voice of Citizens Together, a group I formed with Shirley Lertzman.
    Shirley was just retiring after seventeen years on the Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury and had given me a special report on the cost of illegal immigration to Los Angeles County. She also introduced me to Mark Tajima, head of L.A. County Welfare, who gave me a draft report of a federal study of the same problem.
    I studied economics in college, but it didn't take an expert to conclude that illegal immigration was overwhelming our L.A. County social services --- thus my September, 1992, newsletter headline: L.A. County's No. 1 Import: Poverty.
    For the next two years we fought to pass California Proposition 187 that would have stopped giving money to illegal aliens. It passed overwhelmingly, but was killed - illegally - by the President of Mexico, the Governor of California, a little-known lawyer by the name of Peter Schey, and a man who is presently running for governor of California.
    I fought on for another eight years before leaving California for Arizona, including the production of a video called “Courage and Capitulation in California” and getting a letter published in the Wall Street Journal on Sept. 1, 2000, that said it all.
    Over the years, many experts warned that we were importing poverty, but America was unable to stop it.
    We tried, but we couldn't save California.
PS: Three guess as to why I am blacked out by the liberal media: 1) I am a hate monger; 2) I am a nobody with nothing to say; or, 3) I know too much.