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August 16, 2017

CBP has eight new Integrated
Fixed Towers installed at Douglas
Their status is unclear

Top: Hermes (drone) view of Integrated Fixed Tower TCA-DGL-423 looking southeast toward Mexico --- Bottom: Location of eight Integrated Fixed Towers (see larger image)
Glenn Spencer -- August 15, 2017
Clarifying the status of Douglas IFTs
  Two days ago I ran story about new Integrated Fixed Towers near Douglas, Arizona.
    Seeing inconstancies in reports about what-is-where near Douglas, I decided to take ABP.s drone, Hermes, and settle the question once and for all.
    I can now confidently report that there are eight new Integrated Fixed Towers east of Douglas, and they are where the 2012 Environmental report said they would be.
    I used Hermes to look at each and every tower, and to see what its view shed looked like from the perspective of the camera on the tower. It will take some time to piece together the videos into a coherent report, but I can say without fear that there are problems with these IFTs.
    According to Google Earth, the eight Douglas IFTs were in place on 12/9/2016, although the actual date of installation is not known to me.
    As I reported two days ago, on July 24, Elbit Systems of America issued a press release reporting that "An Elbit Systems of America Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT) border security system passed U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) systems acceptance testing.”
    There are eight towers involved and they have been in place for at least eight months. In light of recent disclosures over issues of proper testing of IFTs, one must ask, was this acceptance based on testing-in-place? And, if only one IFT was accepted after eight months, what is the status of the other seven?
    Within a few days I will be provide a summary of view shed and other issues with the eight Douglas Integrated Fixed Towers.
    Stay tuned.