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August 20, 2017

Trump to visit border at Yuma
Will spotlight border fence success

Operation BEEF data: New fencing and Operation Streamline resulted in a 95% drop in apprehensions at Yuma.
Fox News -- August 19, 2017
Trump to visit Marine base in Yuma before Phoenix rally
    Yuma, Arizona -- The White House says President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit a Marine Corps base in Arizona along the U.S.-Mexico border.
    Trump is set to visit Marine Air Station Yuma on Tuesday afternoon before he travels to Phoenix to hold a rally.
    Yuma's location along the U.S.-Mexico border touches on one of Trump's signature issues: his call for putting up a border wall to stem illegal immigration from Mexico.
    The rally in Phoenix will take place at the city's convention center. Trump tweeted about the event last week with a link for ticket availability.
    The president has been holding campaign-style events in Trump-friendly areas since he took office. The rally will be his first in the West.

Glenn Spencer -- August 20, 2017
Trump to visit Yuma, a good second choice
    Although I wanted him to visit American Border Patrol, President Trump's decision to visit the Mexican border at Yuma is a good second choice. Yuma is a special case that allows the American people to see what good fencing can do.
    In three years, as new fencing and added enforcement efforts took hold, apprehensions of illegal aliens dropped by 95%.
    As new fencing was being installed, the National Guard was posted along the Colorado River in a way that made a real difference.
    (The National Guard had actually started new fencing at Yuma --- well before the Secure Fence of 2006 was signed.)
    The National Guard is long gone, but new fencing and better enforcement have kept apprehensions down.
    Yuma is a special case because, unlike other Border Patrol sectors, new fencing covered much of the entire sector.
    Since CBP releases data only by sector, it is possible to see the impact of new fencing at Yuma, but not elsewhere such as Tucson.
    As reported by Fox News back in 2015, "Yuma's fence, along with agents who patrol the border and police and prosecutors willing to jail alien felons are a powerful example of border security could look like, if Congress and the President agreed on a goal.”
    The key word here is “goal”. I have long argued that border security should start with setting a goal --- and establishing the means of measuring progress toward achieving that goal.