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August 23, 2017

Trump visits the Predator B...
birds of a feather?

Washington Post: "Before his Phoenix rally, Trump was set to inspect a Predator drone at a Yuma, Ariz., Border Patrol station.
Glenn Spencer -- August 22, 2017
I don't know where to begin
    Today, President Trump stood next to the Predator B used by Customs and Border Protection to secure the border --- great footage for General Atomics to sell the UAV. Did anyone tell the president that the Predator is huge waste of money?
    Donald Trump won election to the presidency on the promise of securing the border --- didn't he already know that one of the CBPs ‘stars' is of almost no value --- but a big cost. I thought he was a businessman.
    Did the president decide to stand next to a symbol of failed border technology because the swamp likes it --- and the people haven't a clue?
    Donald Trump's border plans are ineffective, badly managed, too expensive... It was wrong policy --- but good politics. Just as he admitted his ideas about Afghanistan have changed, lhe should have admitted long ago that a wall on the border was a bad idea.
    Now we learn that he might be willing to make trades so he can get Congress to buy his bad border idea by selling out to another bad idea --- Obama's DACA.
    This is so outrageous I don't know where to begin.