Past Features

August 31, 2017

KABC-TV -- August 29, 2017
LA City Council votes to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day
    The Los Angeles City Council voted on Wednesday to replace the Columbus Day holiday with Indigenous Peoples Day.
    Councilmembers voted 14-1 to make the second Monday in October a day to commemorate . It will be a paid holiday for city employees.

Glenn Spencer -- August 31, 2017
America's new heroes --- the Aztecs
   With nearly half the population Hispanic, and only one half of one percent Native American, for all intents and purposes the City of Los Angeles is a Mexican City. This happened because America did not enforce its immigration laws.
    According to Wikipedia, Spanish explorers arriving in what is now Los Angeles encountered indigenous people called the Tongva, who had migrated from Nevada 3500 years earlier. In all that time their culture had not advanced beyond hunter-gatherer.
    I spent ten years in Los Angeles watching demonstrations by Hispanic groups fighting for open borders, while celebrating their culture with Aztec dancers.
    While there is no evidence that Aztecs were ever present in Southern California, my bet is that it was largely Aztecs that the city council of Los Angeles had in mind when it tossed out Columbus for "indigenous, aboriginal and native people.”
    If I am right, we are now told we should reject a culture that used advanced technology to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and instead celebrate a culture of hunter-gatherers, the Tonga, that was frozen in time - and a culture that is well known for cannibalism and barbarity --- the Aztecs (Brutality of Aztecs, Mayas Corroborated --- L.A. Times - Jan. 2005) --- a culture that survives in Mexico today with one of the highest murder rates in the world (Newsweek --- June, 2017).
    So, let us tear down statues of white people, begin dancing with skulls of the dead on our heads --- and start killing and eating each other.
    After all, mustn't we emulate America's new-found heroes --- the Aztecs?.