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September 2, 2017

Trump wall delayed again
Time for better planning?

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Glenn Spencer -- September 2, 2017
Time to do it right  
The Trump Administration has picked finalists to build concrete border wall prototypes. In the next week or so, it will pick finalists to build prototypes for something other than concrete walls.
    Along with two other companies, Basin Geophysical and Seistronix, as head of Border Technology, Inc., in March I submitted a proposal under that general category. My idea was to use technology to establish the need for a wall and to see how well it worked once built.
    There was at least one other bidder with an idea for a 'smart wall'.
    I proposed installing a system called BORDAS --- Border Detections and Assessment System --- on the entire border to detect and identify people (or vehicles or low flying aircraft) who approach the border. BORDAS would be comprised of SEIDARM and IDENTICOPTER. IDENTICOPTERS would be spotted every five miles --- as needed.
     SEIDARM detects threats - the location of which would be sent a drone called IDENTICOPTER that would take off from a silo, swoop in and identify the threat --- and automatically returning to the silo to recharge its batteries (later modified to say “swap”). I am convinced that video of potential intruders could be seen within two minutes of initial detection --- anywhere on the border.
    See short video demonstration of BORDAS .
    We estimated that the entire system could be installed at a cost of about $150,000 per mile. It is buried, solar powered and would fit well within existing government right-of-ways.
    If my proposal is accepted, the next step would be to demonstrate the concept by installing a prototype on BTI's border test range for evaluation.
    Since submitting the proposal in March, the concept has been advanced using a new drone we call Hermes that has demonstrated many of the capabilities planned for testing under the original proposal.
    The basic elements of BORDAS have been tested and proved. If we postponed trying to integrate it into the entire CBP command and control structure until later on, we could have the system --- installed and ready to guide wall construction --- i.e., where is it most needed --- by early next year.
    There is now time to do it right.