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September 6, 2017

DACA - Destroy America by Colonizing America
Tucker Gets It

Tucker Carlson gets it. Watch and listen -- carefully!
Glenn Spencer -- September 6, 2017
President Trump: Watch Tucker Carlson's monolog!
    Twenty-five years ago Senator Eugene McCarthy wrote: “A Colony of the World: The United States Today.”
    "In this powerful book, Senator Eugene McCarthy explains how America has been turning into a colony of the rest of the world -- a captive of its self-imposed duty to police the world, its borders a mockery for all to cross. McCarthy speaks frankly with the clear voice of reason at a time when issues are obscured by misleading advertising and election-time rhetoric.”
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    I was a liberal most of my life and, living in Reston, Virginia, in 1968. I campaigned for McCarthy when he ran against President Johnson - and the Vietnam War. At the time I was part of a team of civilians working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon to study the war. I was opposed to it.
    In 1992 I read A Colony of the World --- about the same time I decided to spend full-time fighting illegal immigration.
    Two years later McCarthy came to California to speak to my group, Voice of Citizens Together.
    Last night Tucker Carlson, who was twenty-three years old in 1992, nailed it. He understands that illegal immigration is a plan of globalists to colonize --- and thereby destroy --- the United States of America.
    That globalist power block elected Barack Obama to stop immigration enforcement. DACA was just one element of Obama's plan to overwhelm us with poor, Democrat voters.   
    The president needs to watch Tucker Carlon's five-minute monolog --- Carlson gets it --- and, if he didn't already --- the president needs to get it --- and soon.