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September 10, 2017

Battle over border wall exposes
ugly DC underbelly?

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Glenn Spencer -- September 10, 2017  
Much worse than he had bargained for
    The selection of Elta North America as one of the four finalists for the non-concrete Trump wall shows just what an impossible job President Trump is facing trying to secure the border. Elta is an electronics company that specializes in ground radar. What does ground radar have to do with a fence? My guess is that it is part of CBP's long-standing commitment to ground radar to secure the border --- a bad idea.
    Ground radar is the backbone of CBP's cutting edge border technology called the Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT). Twenty-three of the towers have been built in Arizona at a cost of nearly $500 million. As far as we know, sixteen of those towers sit idle awaiting testing --- and have been idle for months.
    On June 27, the Washington Post cited a June 12 report by the Homeland Security Inspector General, that “highlighted a history of delays and lack of oversight when it comes to border security. The OIG reported that the Integrated Fixed Towers had never been properly tested."
    Rep. Martha McSally is Chairwoman of the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee. She has held oversight hearings into the Integrated Fixed Towers that can only be described as a whitewash.
    One of the star witnesses at those hearings, Mark Borkowski, is head of procurement for CBP and has directed the drive to use ground radar to direct border cameras ever since the Boeing virtual fence debacle.
    The lack of congressional oversight has led to the installation of what I call “Obama's Wall” --- eight IFTs installed near Douglas, Arizona, where the CBP spent an average of $8 million a mile on inland IFTs to help spot illegal border crossers so the Border Patrol could chase them down.
    Chairwoman McSally failed to point out that the job of CBP is the prevention of illegal entries, and that could have been done for half the cost of eight IFTs.
    In July, I called on McSally to resign from congress.
    But the buck really stops with Homeland Security Chairman McCaul, who Breitbart recently tagged as “No Wall McCaul”.
    Finally, I am convinced that Mark Borkowski personally intervened to stop Northrop Grumman from working with me on my new technology because it was a direct threat to his dream of Israel-built radar camera towers all along America's border with Mexico.
    Washington Post: "ELTA is a defense manufacturer owned by the state-run Israel Aerospace Industries. The parent company is under investigation for bid rigging and bribery, according to Haaret.”
    Borkowski picked Elta.
    The Obama Wall scandal is sample of just how bad things are in Washington, D.C.
    While the president tries to "drain the swamp” I think he is learning that there is a web of deceit in Washington, D.C. --- that is full of dangerous spiders.
    I believe President Trump is finding DC much worse than he had bargained for.