Past Features

September 16, 2017

CFIF -- January 19, 2011  
Where's the Border Fence?
    ...The irony of all this is that many Americans support granting some path to legalization for illegal immigrants --- if a border fence is built first. The logic is simple: secure the border to stop the flow of illegal immigration, and then deal with those who are already here. Had Congress and Presidents Bush and Obama taken the American people's demand for a border fence seriously and followed any of the fence laws they enacted, today they might find a public ready to talk about more comprehensive reform.
    As it is, Americans were swindled out of more than $1 billion in exchange for two more federal immigration laws that are not enforced. Is it any wonder that voter mistrust of the federal government is at an all-time high?

Glenn Spencer -- September 16, 2017
Operation 20-20
    The record is clear --- the establishment --- AKA the swamp --- does not want true border security and they avoid it by avoiding accountability.
    There are no solid measures of success --- by design, and there is no real border “wall” --- also by design.
    President Trump needs to educate the people by explaining the real situation in simple terms - and then by offering a solution.
    I have suggested setting a goal of no more than 20,000 'gotaways' across our southern border - and installing technology that will tell us when we have achieved the goal.
    Only then would we proceed with 'comprehensive immigration reform.'
    Here is a video I made nine years ago when I made this proposal to John McCain as a means of winning the 2008 presidential campaign.
    He should have listened --- and so should President Trump.