Past Features

September 29, 2017

Survey raises questions about
the future of IFTs

Top: Integrated Fixed Tower T2 at Coronado National Forest --- Sept. 29, 2017
Bottom: Google Earth image of Boeing Tower near Sasabe, Arizona --- Feb. 13, 2016
Glenn Spencer -- September 29, 2017  
ABP Survey: Coronado Integrated Fixed Towers still idle --- what is going on?
    Yesterday, I used Hermes --- ABP's drone --- to fly --- legally --- around three of the eight Integrated Fixed Towers in the Coronado National Forest and found them sitting idle.
    I assume they were idle since I drove up to the base each of the Towers in a large Hummer H2 and flew Hermes all around them. Had the ground radar been active, I would have thought I would have been detected by radar and they would have used the cameras to spot me --- and Hermes --- but there was no camera movement.
    Moreover, the two mobile US Border Patrol radar units are still operating in the Montezuma Pass.
    CBP had said that testing of these towers would be taking place in September, so I assume some testing has been done --- this being the end of September.
    ABP began questioning the testing of these towers last April.
    In June we observed actual testing.
    DHS/CBP has invested about $500 million in these IFT systems so far, but at least 8 of them --- $150 million worth --- are sitting idle --- not doing their job. Why? Did they fail the tests?
    It is time that real journalists ask the government what is going on the Integrated Fixed Towers project.
Note: Mark Borkowski --- the man behind the Integrated Fixed Tower project --- complained of problems with ground radar used by Boeing.
    Those towers were mostly surrounded by scattered mesquite. Some of the new IFTs are surrounded by an oak forest. Did they solve all those problems?