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October 2, 2017

Trump challenged to take
action on border tech

Left: Border barriers east of Douglas, Arizona.
Right: Integrated Fixed Tower “423" northeast of Douglas --- 1.5 miles from border.
Glenn Spencer -- October 2, 2017  
It is time for action on the Integrated Fixed Towers.
    At present there are sixteen $20 million camera towers on the border doing nothing. At least one has been doing nothing for nine months.
    There is some question as to whether the radars on these towers can do the job, and some testing is going on --- but for nine months?
    The entire concept behind these towers was to let people cross the border and then chase them down with the help of radar-guided cameras on towers.
    This was a bad idea, even if the radar works, which is doubtful.
    President Trump should end the IFT project, dismantle the towers and sell the components. In their stead, he should build real people-stopping barriers along the border, augmented with advanced sensor/drone technology.