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October 3, 2017

Holding CBP To Account

Rep Correa is a Democrat representing California's 46th District. -- Ms. Gambler works for the Government Accountability Office. -- A video of the hearing can be found here.
Glenn Spencer -- October 3, 2017  
Trump must address the metrics mess head-on
    A metric is a standard of measurement..
    I have been calling for the use of a metric on the border for fourteen years.
    The Government Accountability Office has been calling for metrics for border technology for six years --- and we still don't have one.
    Two years ago I called on candidate Trump to establish a metric for the border.
    In March I submitted a proposal to DHS/CBP to install a system to evaluate the “Trump Wall” using a metric based on operational control of the border, but it was not accepted.
    The lack of a metric, and proper testing, has led us to the integrated Fixed Tower mess.
     I can understand why Bush and Obama avoided border accountability --- but not President Trump.
    It is time he address the metrics mess head-on.