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October 6, 2017

Eighty-four years later,
personal chats still work

Left: President Roosevelt's Fireside Chats during the depression --- 1933 to 1944.
Right: Glenn Spencer gives his border-side chat --- 2017.
ABP -- October 6, 2017  
Border-side chat --- straight talk from Glenn Spencer
   In this video, Glenn Spencer talks about the border situation as he waits for the House Homeland Security Committee to start its hearing on a new border bill.
    This extemporaneous, straight-from-the-heart talk comes from the most experienced and knowledgeable person on the southwest border --- by far. It should not be missed --- by anyone.
    "As I sat waiting for the hearing start, I suddenly decided to turn on my camera and let it rip," Spencer said.
    You will be amazed at what he shows you!
    Watch the first 30-seconds.