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October 9, 2017

Bureaucrat under attack
No mention in MSM

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October 4, 2017 - FCW: Border tech bill clears Senate committee
    "The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs approved a bill that would require "major" border technology acquisition programs at the Department of Homeland Security to have set cost, scheduling and performance targets, and have those limits approved by top managers before they proceed. [...]
    Along with baseline costs, scheduling and performance requirements, every border acquisition program would also require the DHS undersecretary for management to coordinate with the CBP commissioner to insure those requirements are met."

Glenn Spencer -- October 9, 2017
    In his January 12, 2017 press release describing his bill to reorganized CBP's management of technology projects, Sen. John McCain spoke of “widespread mismanagement and lack of accountability within our federal bureaucracy…”
    There is little doubt that he was addressing problems with CBP's Integrated Fixed Tower project.
    And who has been running the Integrated Fixed Tower project for CBP since its beginning? - The Chief Acquisitions Officer for Customs and Border Protection --- Mark Borkowski.
    Borkowski has led every CBP's major radar guided camera tower project since the 2006 failed Boeing virtual fence.
    In 2015, Homeland Security News asked: "How many times does CBP's Mark Borkowski get to fail?"
    In February, Breitbart listed Borkowski as one of eight "Obama bureaucrats Trump can fire or remove at Homeland Security."
    America lost $1 billion on Borkowski's Boeing Virtual fence and it stands to lose at least another $500 million on his Integrated Fixed Tower project, depending on on-going tests.
    There is much more to this story than meets the eye --- or than will be discussed by the mainstream media.
Tomorrow: The link between Mark Borkowski and Chairwoman Martha McSally.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: For the first time in years, Mark Borkowski is not listed as a speaker at the upcoming Border Security Expo.