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October 11, 2017

Is USA TODAY Biased?

Upper left: John Ladd interviewed by USA TODAY. Upper right: ABP installs Spencer's patented system on the Ladd Ranch. Lower left: John Ladd and Northrop Grumman reps next to ABP seismic system component. Lower right: Rep. McSally and Ladd at press conference.
USA Today -- October 9, 2017
The case for Donald Trump's border wall is crumbling
    Perhaps nothing candidate Donald Trump said had more resonance than his pledge to build a wall along the entire U.S.-Mexico border. He promised such a wall --- paid for by Mexico --- in his announcement speech in 2015. President Trump returned to the topic Monday, demanding that Democrats fund the wall in return for legislation that would save from deportation roughly 800,000 immigrants brought here as children.
    But by the USA TODAY Network shows how difficult --- and potentially pointless --- it would be to fulfill that promise. The report underscores the fact that the cost of building the wall would be high while its effects on illegal immigration would be minimal.

Glenn Spencer -- October 11, 2017
The Credibility of USA TODAY is crumbling
    Two months after she was elected in 2014, Rep. Martha McSally headed up a large delegation of House members to tour the border from the vantage point of the Ladd Ranch.
    She was on a tour bus with Ladd riding along the border when she spotted a solar panel. "What's that?" McSally asked John Ladd. "It's part of Glenn Spencer's sonar border security system," Ladd responded. "I know Glenn, does it work?" McSally asked. "Yes," Ladd responded. McSally was about six miles from my ranch when she road along the border with Ladd that January day.
    Since early 2015 I have trying to get Rep. McSally to come to my border ranch to see for herself that my system does work, but to no avail.
    USA TODAY interviewed John Ladd for its recent investigative report on the border. They are aware of my work, but declined to drive two miles to see a demonstration of my patented border security system.
    On October 4, a U.S. Senate Committee passed a John McCain bill to overhaul CBP management. According to McCain: “New technologies such as video and radar surveillance are critical to securing our borders,” said Senator McCain. “However, widespread mismanagement and a lack of accountability within our federal bureaucracy has prevented us from using these technologies to stop illegal immigration…"
    There are twenty-three of these 100-foot Integrated Fixed Towers sticking high into the air from Douglas to Nogales --- costing $500 million --- but USA TODAY failed to see them.    
Finally, USA TODAY is proud that it flew along the border and mapped what the fence looks like.
    Never mind that American Border Patrol did that eight years ago --- I was the pilot -- but they refused to tell the story.
    I am convinced that at some point in the future, the Columbia School of Journalism will rank the USA TODAY report on the border as one of the worst-ever examples of biased investigative reporting.