Past Features

October 14, 2017

Vice TV on a hate-hunting mission?

Top: Glenn Spencer introduces Vice TV Producer Danni Mynard to his horses.
Bottom: Mynard directs crew on the Mexican border --- insert is of Jamali Maddix.
Glenn Spencer -- October 14, 2017
Hate Thy Neighbor?
    This past summer I played host to a British TV crew from Vice TV. I agreed to do this after talking with the producer Danni Mynard. She seemed so damned nice and honest.
    We spent three days working with the crew. They taped demonstrations of my border technology called SEIDARM. I took them on a tour of the border and gave them an airplane ride.
    All was going well until I was to do a one-on-one with their on-camera interviewer, Jamali Maddix. I had felt uneasy with Maddix from the outset when he showed up thirty minutes late.
    "That doesn't show much respect," I told Mynard. First impressions are oftentimes right.
    As the interview unfolded --- standing next to my fish pond --- I immediately sensed an aggressive attitude from Jamali, as he tried to probe into my personal life. After a minute or so of this nonsense, I broke off the interview and asked the crew to leave --- Mynard pleaded with me to continue, but I wouldn't have any of it.
    I now learn that her interviewer, Jamali Maddix, is a stand-up comedian who had just done a piece on a Neo-Nazi group.
    Throughout their visit, I tried to convince producer Mynard to look at the issue of camera towers installed by the government that might not work. She wasn't interested.
    This week I got an email from Mynard inviting me to go to New York for a dinner with others who have been included in her TV episode, entitled Hate Thy Neighbor.
    I declined, instead inviting the dinner party to my ranch where I would have a banner saying: “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”.
    I have had TV people visit me who I sent packing once I realized it was going to be a hit-piece.
    Vice TV was just another of the same.
    Danni Mynard should be ashamed of herself for ignoring the real border story and instead attempting to paint me as some sort of right-wing extremist.