Past Features

October 17, 2017

Japanese headed for
Glenn's ranch -- again

Upper left: Glenn took NHK crew for aerial tour of the border.
Upper right: NHK talks to Mike King about new seismic technology.
Bottom: NHK crew watches landing of “Identicopter” --- controlled by Glenn Spencer.
Glenn Spencer -- October 17, 2017
Close enough for Japan -- too far for Chairwoman McSally
    This past Friday I got a call from a producer for Japanese NHK TV (name available to media). He said they are planning another trip to visit me soon, if possible.
    He said they would like to see a demonstration of my new technology, I said they would be welcome.
    This will be the second visit by Japanese TV in less that a year --- and they have visited me before.
    My question is: If the Japanese are interested enough in my technology to fly 6,000 miles, why won't my local congresswoman drive 20 miles from her local office to take a look?
    After all, Chairwoman McSally heads the House Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee, and sponsored legislation --- the Border Security Technology Act of 2017 --- passed by the House --- that addresses failures of CBP to develop border technology that works.
    I could show Chairwoman McSally --- as I have shown the Japanese --- and many others --- that my technology works --- but she has turned down numerous requests to make that 20-mile drive.
    Too bad we no longer have newspapers in America --- a real reporter might have asked her why she won't even talk to me.