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October 20, 2017

New border walls --- only one
is see-through

Glenn Spencer was the winner of the 2017 American Border Patrol name the Trump Wall contest with the name "WENCE". “Trump's WENCE would strongly suggest people go back from wence they came", Spencer said.
AP -- October 20, 2017
Trump's border wall models take shape in San Diego
     The last two of eight prototypes for President Donald Trump's proposed border wall took shape Thursday at a construction site in San Diego.
    The prototypes form a tightly packed row of imposing concrete and metal panels, including one with sharp metal edges on top. Another has a surface resembling an expensive brick driveway.
    Companies have until Oct. 26 to finish the models but Border Patrol spokesman Theron Francisco said the last two came into profile, with crews installing a corrugated metal surface on the eighth model on a dirt lot just a few steps from homes in Tijuana, Mexico.
    As the crews worked, three men and two women from Nepal, ages 19 to 30, jumped a short rusted fence from Tijuana into the construction site and were immediately stopped by agents on horseback.
    Francisco said there have been four or five other illegal crossing attempts at the site since work began Sept. 26.
    The models, which cost the government up to $500,000 each, were spaced 30 feet (9.1 meters) apart. Slopes, thickness and curves vary. One has two shades of blue with white trim. The others are gray, tan or brown --- in sync with the desert.
    Bidding guidelines call for the prototypes to stand between 18 and 30 feet (5.5 and 9.1 meters) high and be able to withstand at least an hour of punishment from a sledgehammer, pickaxe, torch, chisel or battery-operated tools.
    Features also should prevent the use of climbing aids such as grappling hooks, and the segments must be “aesthetically pleasing” when viewed from the U.S. side.
    The administration hasn't said how many winners it will pick or whether Trump will weigh in himself.
    There is currently 654 miles (1,052 kilometers) of single-layer fence on the 1,954-mile (3,143-kilometer) border, plus 51 miles (82 kilometers) of double- and triple-layer fence.

Glenn Spencer -- October 20, 2017   
    The latest reports are that only one of the eight Trump Wall prototypes is of the see-through type.
Arizona Republic -- Oct. 20, 2017:   
Notably, only one of the completed designs incorporates see-through features that would allow Border Patrol agents to monitor activity on the other side of the border.
    Initially, Trump called for a solid reinforced concrete design, and several of the finished prototypes seemed to fit that description. Under advisement from CBP, the administration later included "see-through features" in its call for submissions.

    But President Trump wants a see-through wall.
The Hill -- Sept. 22, 2017:   
"The wall is happening. In fact, you probably saw, you know, we have a wall up there now, and re-renovating it already. It's being made pristine, perfect, just as good as new, though we may go a little higher than that, but that's OK. And we are building samples of a new wall. You know, it has to be a see-through wall," Trump said.  
    Only one of the eight prototype walls has a see-through feature.
    If President Trump picks from these designs, the winner would have to be the see-though wall-fence design I call the WENCE.
    This design strongly suggests people should go back from “WENCE” they came.