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October 27, 2017

Media coverage of Trump's
wall raises questions

Fox News interview includes incredibly stupid statement about sensors. The man being interviewed is promoting fiber optic sensors with a human detection range of about 15 feet - but reliably. U.S. Border Patrol sensors - highly unreliable --- detect a human- at most --- 40-feet. Patented SEIDARM, extremely reliable, works at 500 feet, and is the best available --- but Fox refuses to interview its inventor.
Fox News -- October 26, 2017
Trump's border wall prototypes officially unveiled – but will they work?
    San Diego -- Phase one of President Trump's proposed border wall is complete.
    Now comes the testing of the prototypes for their breach-ability --- how long does it take someone to cut through, dig under or vault over the 30-foot-high structures.
    “The thing I am most impressed by is the scale,” said Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Ron Vitiello. “A lot of things have to happen now --- testing, evaluation, estimates, appropriation. We will do it all as quickly and safely as we can to give as much security to the homelands as we can.”
    He stressed the agency is not looking at a 2,000-mile wall across the border, as some critics still claim. Rather, portions of the wall will be erected where it is most efficient and topographically possible based on need and the ability to attain ‘operation control', a term that first surfaced during the presidency of George W. Bush.
    Operational control is roughly defined as the ability to detect and follow anyone who crosses the border illegally, with a likelihood of capture.

Glenn Spencer -- October 27, 2017
Fox News -- Swamp Citizen
    Fox News has now made it official --- it is part of the conspiracy to avoid defining what border security is.
    In its coverage of President Trump's border wall prototypes, Fox says:
"Operational control is roughly defined as the ability to detect and follow anyone who crosses the border illegally, with a likelihood of capture.”
    Fox News knows full-well that operational control is defined in the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
  (b) Operational Control Defined.-- In this section, the term ``operational control'' means the prevention of all unlawful entries into the United States, including entries by terrorists, other unlawful aliens, instruments of terrorism, narcotics, and other contraband.
    I have long been an advocate of measuring operational control of the border. In fact, I invented patented SEIDARM to do just that.
    The same conspiracy that refuses to accept the true measure of border security, is the same conspiracy that has blacked me out for all of these years.
    Fox News is just another citizen-in-good-standing of that swamp conspiracy.