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November 11, 2017

Border contractors fighting back

Kiewit Construction Company built fence on border -- but was threatened if it bid.
Newsweek -- November 10, 2017    
Companies Building Border Wall Want Trump to Defend Them From Backlash
    Construction companies that are helping build President Donald Trump's proposed border wall want the Justice Department to protect them if several cities go ahead with their plan to stop doing business with any company involved in the controversial project.
    The Associated General Contractors of America is demanding that Attorney General Jeff Sessions sue to prevent municipalities from divesting from construction companies currently building the wall prototypes near the Mexican border, a spokesman for the trade association said on Friday.
    “If local and state politicians want to score political points demonstrating their opposition to a specific federal measure, they shouldn't do it off the backs of hard-working craftspeople and their employers,” the spokesman, Brian Turmail, told Newsweek. “And we continue to urge federal officials to do the same.”
    The demand for legal protections stems from a growing number of localities that have proposed or adopted measures to penalize private companies for bidding on federal contracts to design or build Trump's wall. Cities such as Tucson, Arizona, and Berkeley, Oakland and Richmond in California have adopted such resolutions.