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November 13, 2017

Michelle Malkin
on the border...
at last!

Michelle Malkin Investigates -- scroll down to S207 PREVIEW
Glenn Spencer -- November 13, 2017    
Was the mainstream media blackout good for America?
    I have been interviewed by Michelle Malkin --- twice. The first time was in 1993 when, as a reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News, she came to my Sherman Oaks home overlooking the San Fernando Valley (see map) to find out about my work as a leader in the effort to stop illegal immigration. The second time was on August 4, 2017, when she came to my ranch overlooking the Mexican border (see map) to learn about my work to secure the border.
    I worked on the California illegal immigration problem for ten years before leaving for Arizona in 2002. I have been on the border in Arizona for fifteen years. For the past ten years at least my work has missed the attention of the mainstream media.
     According to the Michelle Malkin Investigates Web site, she will soon report on what she learned from her visit to my ranch, as well as visits with others in Cochise County, including my good friend and neighbor, John Ladd.
    I hope people will take the time to see what Michelle Malkin has to say about the border --- and my technology.
    If they do, they can judge for themselves if the blackout of my work by the mainstream media was good for America.