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November 16, 2017

Fox News' Lou Dobbs asks
Customs and Border Protection

Lou Dobbs interviews Ronald Vitiello, Acting Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Glenn Spencer -- November 16, 2017    
Lou Dobbs Knows
    I have followed Lou Dobbs for at least seventeen years, beginning with Lou Dobbs Tonight on CNN. In all that time he has been the only well-known TV news personalty who had the guts to say it like it was, including pointing the finger at Mexico.
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- September 28, 2004
"One (problem) even more disturbing than drug and human smuggling. The problem is the Mexican government itself; which, instead of policing the border with the United States, is advocating open borders with this country."
    His interview of Ronald Vitiello, Acting Deputy Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, did not disappoint me.
    Dobbs: "The majority of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and marijuana cross that border with Mexico."
    Vitiello: "That's true. The men and women of CBP are dedicated to doing the best they can using the tools, technology --- using intelligence --- partnering with state, local --- tribal authorities --- other federal government agencies --- to stop what we can at the border --- to recognize when it's coming and be capable when it gets here."
    Dobbs: "And, what is the best measure, what is the best metric for you in terms of your success in stopping the illegal immigrant from entering this country --- and stopping drugs from entering this country?"
    Vitiello: "So, we like to have a combination of available resources. Do we have enough situational awareness? Do we have impedance and denial when you talk about walls? And you talk about infrastructure, access to the border, mission readiness, and just having the ability to know when things are going to happen before they happen.”

    Commissioner's answers did disappoint me --- somewhat. As I have asked before, what is the metric for Commissioner Vitiello's situational awareness?
    But Vitiello did talk about "impedance and denial" which is getting closer to the real job of the Border Patrol - the prevention of all unlawful entries. The proper metric would be the number of illegal entries that were not prevented. In a way, that metric is somewhat above even Commissioner Vitiello's pay grade.
    All in all I think Commissioner Vitiello did a good job --- and, as usual, Dobbs was fantastic.
    Lou Dobbs knows.