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November 17, 2017

Is the seven year border
truth drought over?

Top: Michelle Malkin speaks with Glenn Spencer.
Bottom: Helipad and Hermes the drone.
From Michelle Malkin Investigates S2E07 Border Battles
Glenn Spencer -- November 17, 2017    
Michelle Malkin breaks the truth barrier
   I started testing new border technology on my ranch seven years ago. Since then I have been awarded two patents and been interviewed by dozens of TV news organizations - all from foreign countries.
    In August a new kind of TV news organization ---- CRTV --- came to the ranch in the person of Michelle Malkin of Michelle Malkin Investigates.
    This week CRTV aired Michelle's report. She is a professional journalist and her report shows it. In the two months since her visit, Michelle Malkin has taken the time to check out the facts. She and CRTV have poured over the footage they shot on my ranch and told a story that viewers can trust. It is the truth.
    Michelle Malkin and CRTV have broken the border truth barrier

Glenn Spencer -- November 17, 2017
Hermes tour of American Border Patrol's Ranch
    I suppose some are going to pirate CRTV's border report and put it on Youtube --- but I will not. People should show their support for honest reporting and subscribe to CRTV.
    Instead, I have prepared a tour of American Border Patrol's ranch that shows what Michelle Malkin saw --- and the mainstream media won't show you.
    I did this by flying Hermes around the ranch, while narrating what its camera saw. This was done in one continuous flight --- no retakes.
    I hope people will watch this Hermes tour and decide to support American Border Patrol as well.
    Click here to see the free video.