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November 21, 2017

Texas agent murder triggered
by ground sensor?

Drone zooms in on "suspect" who triggered ground sensor in demonstration of new border technology on Michelle Malkin Investigates. -- Click here for a short clip from that program.
KVIA -- November 20, 2017    
Union: Slain BP agent attacked with rocks while responding to foot traffic that set off sensor  
    El Paso, Texas --- A spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council tells ABC-7 the El Paso Border Patrol agent killed in the Big Bend Sector over the weekend was attacked with rocks.
    The attack happened near Van Horn, Texas, about 30 miles from the US-Mexico border, and about 110 miles southeast of El Paso.
    Slain agent Rogelio Martinez's partner, whose name hasn't been released, remains hospitalized in serious condition.
    Union Spokesman Chris Cabrera told ABC-7 Martinez was responding to foot traffic that set off sensors when he came across a group of individuals.
    Cabrera said Martinez called for back up, and when his partner arrived, the agent found Martinez was unconscious with severe head trauma. The partner then called for back up, and when more agents arrived, the partner was also found with severe injuries, Cabrera said.

Glenn Spencer -- November 21, 2017   
A safer way   
    The tragic loss of a brave U.S. Border Patrol agent may have been the result of his tracking down the alarm from a ground sensor. These sensors are known for their unreliability, which is why DHS/CBP is looking for answers.
    As Michelle Malkin demonstrated from a visit to my ranch, there is a safer way to check out what triggers a ground sensor.
    Watch this brief segment from her CRTV show.