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November 26, 2017

The mysterious death of
agent Martinez

Location of death of agent Martinez - based on news reports as "12 miles west of Van Horn, Texas" -- See Larger Image
CNN -- November 25, 2017  
Funeral service for Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez held in Texas
The funeral Mass for Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez, whose death from injuries suffered last week in southwest Texas is puzzling investigators, was filled Saturday with family members, coworkers and other mourners.
    Federal officials are examining the mysterious incident that left Martinez, 36, dead and his partner battered and unable to remember what happened.
    US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other law enforcement officials were scheduled to attend the private service at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in El Paso, Texas. [...]
    Martinez's partner, who has not been identified, was released from the hospital this week and is walking on his own with a cane, said Lee Smith, the region's chapter president of the Border Patrol union.
    The agent doesn't recall what happened and says the last thing he remembers is arriving at work that night, Smith said.
Mysterious incident  
    Both men had been on patrol near Interstate 10 in the Big Bend Sector, which runs along the US-Mexico border, when they responded to what border officials described as "activity."
    After they responded to the call, Martinez's partner reported that they were both injured and needed help, according to CBP.
    They were found in a culvert area --- a tunnel structure used for water drainage --- 12 miles east of the town of Van Horn at 11:20 p.m. Saturday, the FBI said.
    The FBI said the men suffered traumatic head injuries and other wounds such as broken bones.
    Martinez died from his injuries at a hospital Sunday morning. His partner was in serious condition when he was taken to the hospital, but was released within a few days.
    The results of Martinez's autopsy are pending.
    Part of the agents' regular duties include checking culverts off the interstate for undocumented immigrants, said Rush Carter, the special operations supervisor for the Big Bend Sector of the US Border Patrol.
    Chris Cabrera, the National Border Patrol Council spokesman, described the incident as an "ambush" and suggested that drug traffickers frequented the area.
    "It was a brutal attack," Cabrera said. "This was something well thought out and planned. They executed their plan."
    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's office has authorized a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to the arrest of those responsible.

Glenn Spencer -- November 26, 2017    
Waiting for Sessions to solve the mystery  
    As pointed out by Breitbart, the idea that U.S. Border Patrol agent Martinez died from injuries received by falling eight feet onto sandy soil is preposterous. (See map)  
And, despite numerous reports to the contrary, a US Border Patrol public affairs officer said he “was not responding to a sensor.”
    Hearing of this, a retired criminal defense attorney I know said a judge would jump right on this statement by the government as evidence of trying to hide something.
    In the last few days there seems to be a blackout of information on this incident. All the mainstream media are saying is that agent Martinez’ death is a mystery.
(As I noted before, the silence of Breitbart at this point is curious).
    By attending the funeral of agent Martinez, Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to have taken a personal interest in this case.
    America is now waiting for the Attorney General to solve this mystery.