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December 2, 2017

Update on agent death in Texas:
Even more confusing

Composite image by American Border Patrol
Bob Ortega -- CNN -- November 30, 2017  
No known evidence of assault in Border Patrol agent death, despite official statements
  Van Horn, Texas -- Less than a day after a Border Patrol agent died and another was badly injured in a November 18 incident in West Texas, President Donald Trump tweeted that "We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!”
    The FBI has released no information to support the idea that Martinez was murdered, or that he and the surviving agent were attacked. (CNN has confirmed the identity of the second agent, but Customs and Border Protection requested that he not be named, citing "security concerns.") A person familiar with the investigation said that as of late Tuesday the agency had not ruled out any possibilities.
     That includes the possibility that the two men simply fell into a concrete-lined culvert adjacent to Interstate 10, about 12 miles east of their base in the small town of Van Horn.

Glenn Spencer -- December 2, 2017    
Attorney General Sessions: Please tell us what happened to agent Martinez
   Early reports of the death of agent Martinez near Van Horn, Texas pointed to ground sensor alarms that led Martinez and another agent to the scene where Martinez died. ”Union Spokesman Chris Cabrera told ABC-7 Martinez was responding to foot traffic that set off sensors when he came across a group of individuals.”
    More recent reports fail to mention sensors, although it should have been a simple matter for the Border Patrol to check to see if its ICAD system recorded a sensor alarm.
    Two days ago CNN reported that the agents befell their fate in a culvert “a few feet from Interstate ten,” yet the evidence from Breitbart's report and an examination of Google Earth, suggests the agents met violence in a culvert under a frontage road 200 feet from Interstate 10 - and Google Earth reveals no evidence of a large cement-bottomed culvert under I-10 at that point. This point should be clarified quite quickly (don't make me drive to the site with Hermes).
    Besides, it makes no sense for migrants or smugglers to hide in a culvert that runs under I-10. The idea is to wait in a culvert for a pickup ride, and that would have been on the frontage road --- not I-10 which is fenced and has high-speed traffic.
    President Trump pointed to the death of agent Martinez as evidence that we need a wall along the border.
    Attorney General Sessions has had nearly two weeks to gather evidence in what is not a complicated situation where suspects are being charged. It is incumbent upon him to tell the American people the circumstances that led to agent Martinez' death.