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December 9, 2017

Activities at secret border compound exposed in shocking video!

Screen grabs from video exposing secret border compound run by Glenn Spencer.
Glenn Spencer -- December 9, 2017  
The naked truth about American Border Patrol
    It is no wonder the mainstream media refuse to visit my ranch on the Arizona border with Mexico, they are convinced that people shouldn't see the things that American Border Patrol actually does!
    Despite this, in this new ultra-liberal world where nothing can be kept from the innocent, I have taken the unheard of step to actually show the entire ranch - and those activities - in a single video tour.
    I did this by flying one of American Border Patrol's Hermes drones I named after one of my greatly loved, but departed German Shepherds --- George.
    I start the tour on the deck of my home. I flew and narrated the entire tour in one take --- using a camera pointed at me as I flew the drone.
    From my deck, George and I fly over the San Pedro River, showing a Border Patrol agent at the border --- and the cheap fence to the east that has been cut many times.
    We next fly west along the new border fence which is right on my property line --- giving you its history.
    We fly over the site of Flags Along the Border - which started ten years ago. You will see 150,000 flags installed on large signs we cut out in our high-tech shop.
    You will see the biggest sign --- God Bless America, Land That I Love.
    Flying right over that big banner, we fly onto American Border Patrol's test range where we demonstrate technology like SEIDARM.
    You will see the large yellow and black signs that denote 600, 400, 200 and 0 feet from the sensor line. This range has been in use for seven years.
    You will see very short clips of actual tests.
    George and I then fly over the helipads use to launch the Hermes drones. A short clip shows them in action.
    You will see the little yellow airplane I fly to test SEIDARM's ability to detect low-flying aircraft.
    Next we take a quick look at the view from our guest house that looks down on the very site where the famous explorer, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, set foot in what is now the United States.
    I then turn George west to look at the deep washes that challenge the Border Patrol along the border.
    Finally, I use the Hermes drone --- George --- to give you a look at what the Border Patrol camera tower next to my house can actually see.
   I isn't much.
    Knowing the apprehension felt in the mainstream media that Americans might be damaged by seeing these things, I wish to apologize to any who might be offended by what I have done.