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December 21, 2017

Trump invited to use "rain check"

Glenn Spencer flies an airplane near the Mexican border. Photo by Mark Levy -- Washington Post, August 25, 2015. --- See larger.
The Hilll -- December 20, 2017 
Trump wants to visit border wall prototypes 'very shortly'
    President Trump said Wednesday that he is considering a visit to the United States's southern border with Mexico in order to view prototypes for his administration's planned border wall.
    Trump said that he is looking at the possibility of traveling "very shortly" to view the prototypes, which were completed in October.
    The border wall segments are set up near San Diego, Calif., and have been undergoing tests from Customs and Border Protection personnel.
    "We have some wonderful prototypes that have been put up. And I may be going there, very shortly, to look at them in their final form," Trump said in remarks made during a Cabinet meeting.
    "We put up, as you know, six different varieties of walls," Trump added. "We want to be able to see through. We have a lot of help from the Border Patrol and from the [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] agents. We're getting their input on the wall because they --- who knows better than them?" [...]
    Many lawmakers, however, view the cost and usefulness of such a wall as unreasonable, and have vowed to block its completion.

Glenn Spencer -- December 21, 2017 
The invitation is still open   
    Two years ago I invited all presidential campaigns to visit my ranch and see new border technology in action. One campaign, the Trump campaign, responded positively, only to have to cancel at the last minute.
    A story about that invitation appeared in the Washington Post on August 25, 2015 --- marred by gratuitous comments by now discredited Post reporter Dave Weigel, who said, “...
few campaigns would try to win over Glenn Spencer. He is a regular target of the Southern Poverty Law Center."
    The technology I wanted to show candidate Trump has come a long way in two years --- including being granted a fresh new patent to Mike King and I in April, 2017.
    American Border Patrol is planning a demonstration of that technology on January 13, 2018, and, Mr. President, the invitation is still open.
    Maybe it is time that we stopped letting leftists dictate what kind of border security systems we should have by smearing those who invent things that work.