Past Features

December 24, 2017

Feliz Navidad, Mexico

Top: ABP drone lands in front of Univision TV crew.
Middle: Televisa TV crew from Mexico City pose for photo by Glenn Spencer.
Bottom: Mexico City journalist Adela Micha learns about new border technology from Glenn Spencer.
Glenn Spencer -- December 24, 2017
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
   Despite a complete blackout by mainstream U.S. media, Mexican and U.S. Spanish-language media have shown a real interest in my high-tech solution to border security. Interviews by Univision, Televisa, and Mexican journalist Adela Micha at my ranch were all positive and upbeat.
    It appears that, when it comes to an open discussion of real border issues, freedom of speech can be found south of the border --- not in the U.S.
    Would Mexico be a more secure, happier place if Mexicans gave up on the idea of running away to the United States --- or earning a living by sending us drugs --- and solved their problems at home?
    It may take some time --- and pain --- but as President Trump keeps his promise to secure our borders, we may well learn that good fences do make good neighbors.