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December 29, 2017

DACA "High Noon" in DC?

ABP FEATURE -- SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 (Gary "Trump" added)
Breitbart -- December 28, 2017
'A Presidency-Defining Moment' Looms: All Eyes on Donald Trump as DACA Amnesty Deal Lurks in January Spending Fight
    President Donald Trump and congressional GOP leadership will put their governance and deal-making skills to the test in January when a nasty spending battle likely to include some form of major immigration policy change comes to fruition.
    “This is a presidency-defining moment,” one GOP congressman told Breitbart News when breaking down the battle that lay ahead over some kind of a legislative replacement for the expiring Barack Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive amnesty for nearly a million illegal alien youths. The congressman requested anonymity so as to be candid about ongoing negotiations with the White House and congressional leadership.
    When the GOP Congress and Trump kicked the spending bill can into January after passing the tax cuts plan, they set up a major leverage point for Democrats on the DACA replacement fight: A January 19 government funding deadline gives Democrats a chance to force Republicans, and Trump, into a corner on amnesty. The battle, already shaping up to be gruesome by all accounts from various House GOP members and staff who have spoken with Breitbart News, will be one for the ages as both political parties --- and the various factions in both parties --- are expected to leave it all on the field in January to fight for their various priorities.

Glenn Spencer -- December 29, 2017   
Showdown /SHōˌdoun/ -- noun a final test or confrontation intended to settle a dispute.  
synonyms: confrontation, clash, face-off   
  During his presidency, Barack Obama did everything --- just short of impeachment --- to erase America's border and change its demographics. The Democrats loved it.
    President Trump is facing the challenge of his presidency as he tries to avoid a trap set for him by Obama called DACA - Deferred Action for Children of Aliens. The scheme was to create an image of innocent children brought to strange land by their parents - who face deportation to yet another strange land. He deliberately created a situation he thought was almost impossible for the next president (assuming it wasn't Hillary Clinton) to resolve --- short of amnesty.
    There is strong evidence that the entire DACA process was rife with fraud, and many of those in the population so qualified are more closely culturally bonded with Mexico and Central America than the U.S. For these and other reasons, a blanket amnesty would place an enormous cost on the American people and it should not be allowed without a much closer look at the problem. This can be done before March when DACA is terminated.
    There should be no DACA deal in January. The President should insist on border security funding without strings.
    If this leads to a showdown, so be it.