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December 30, 2017

Will Post reporter return
to the border?

Glenn Spencer alongside border fence: The Fence Junkies
--- Slate Magazine, May 6, 2013
Dave Wiegel -- Washington Post -- December 29, 2017
Trump calls for border wall funding in any DACA deal, but Democrats are skeptical 
    In an interview with the New York Times and a Friday morning tweet, President Trump said that any deal that would grant legal status to immigrants brought to the United States as children needed to include funding for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.
    “Look, I wouldn't do a DACA plan without a wall,” Trump said to the Times, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that he has set to expire next year. “We need it. We see the drugs pouring into the country, we need the wall.”
    He reiterated that point in his tweet on Friday morning, adding that a DACA deal needed to end “chain migration,” the policy that allows naturalized immigrants to petition for relatives to come to the United States. In the Times interview, Trump had mentioned the policy — ending it is a White House priority --- but had not directly tied it to the DACA deal.

Glenn Spencer -- December 30, 2017    
We did do that, Dave  
    Four years ago Dave Weigel, the reporter in the above Washington Post story, spent a weekend at my border ranch. During his visit, we ran a test of a seismic sensor system.
    The following is from his May 6, 2013, Slate Magazine report:
     So we wait for the seismic test, as a stiff wind whips the high desert. “Normally the sensor would work within 600 feet,” says Spencer, “but this might cut to 400. If it's raining, you'd see it get cut to 300.” Three of Spencer's some-time employees, including the guy who landscaped the lovely guesthouse pond, stroll out to the border fence past markers denoting every 200 feet. They wait for the signal.
    “Go now,” says White.
    They walk at a normal pace and barely hit the 600-foot marker before the foghorn sensor goes off. “That's great, that's better than I thought,” says Spencer. “Isn't that amazing? That seismograph was buried for two years. The manufacturer says it can work for 10 years without maintenance. I'm telling you, when we have this thing ready, in another 30 days, this sensor will work and the chopper will pop up, fly, and take pictures. We will do that. We will do that.”
    I promised Dave Weigel that we would have drones that would “pop up, fly, and take pictures.”
    On Saturday, January 13th, 2018, there will be a demonstration of that seismic system and two “choppers” that will pop up, fly and take pictures --- and they will do it almost simultaneously, flying in opposite directions - responding to alarms sounded by the seismic system.
    Click here for more information on the Jan. 13th demonstration.
    I hope Dave and other journalists will come the ranch and witness these high-tech gadgets that he said “were part of almost everyone's solution”.
    We did do that, Dave.