Past Features

February 5, 2017

Flags Along the Border
The tenth year! The last year? Depends

Upper left -- The first year of Flags Along the Border.
Upper right - Replacing flags-w-notes lost in storms.
Bottom -- Nearly ready for this year!
Glenn Spencer --- American Border Patrol
Flags Along the Border -- Mr. President, how are we doing?
  Ten years ago, American Border Patrol sent small American Flags to its supporters with a little name tag. We asked them to send them back with a note to the government. Three thousand did, and we placed those flags on the barbed wire fence that was then the only protection we had.
    Five months later the government started building a powerful fence right on the spot those flags were hanging. --(Photo)--
    But the job wasn't done --- most of the border had no real fencing --- so we continued Flags Along the Border. --(Photo)--
    In 2015 we placed 50,000 flags on border banners. --(Photo)--
    That year Donald Trump promised to secure the border, so we decided to wait to see what was going to happen and Flags Along the Border was limited to just local folks.
    This year will be the biggest Flags Along the Border ever! The theme will be celebrating the pioneers --- those who made America great --- and those who worked to make America great again.
    It will be held on ABP's border ranch on Sunday, July 2nd -- from 2PM to 8PM --- ending with fireworks!
    We hope to report that this is the last Flags Along the Border event --- but that will depend on what progress has been made.
    We are going to invite President Trump to come and tell us for himself how he is doing.