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January 3, 2018


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SacBee -- January 2. 2018
Felons welcome? Fake road signs mock California's new status as a 'sanctuary state'
    Fake road signs put up near California's borders early this week mocked a new law intended to shield undocumented immigrants from deportation.
    A paper covering placed over a San Bernardino County sign greeted Interstate 15 travelers with “Felons, Illegals and [MS-13] Welcome! Democrats Need The Votes!” A similar placard was put up just west of Needles near the Arizona state line. Both included the California state seal and a Democratic Party logo.
    MS-13 began as a Los Angeles gang in the 1980s before spreading to the rest of the U.S. and a handful of other Western Hemisphere countries. President Donald Trump has accused liberal politicians such as Virginia Gov.-elect Ralph Northam of supporting violent criminals associated with the organization.
    Caltrans spokesman Mark Dinger said the I-15 paper was removed on Monday, while the one west of Needles was taken down Tuesday morning. Reports of two more signs near the Oregon border were being investigated as of Tuesday afternoon, and a search for one rumored to be on I-95 north of Lake Havasu proved fruitless.

Glenn Spencer -- January 3, 2018    
Cleaning up the California mess
    Mario Obledo, was a co-founder of MALDEF --- the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. In 1998 he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton.
    In his book The New Leviathans, David Horowitz writes: "MALDEF's opposition to border enforcement efforts is so effective, it routinely trumps national security concerns.”
    Was Bill Clinton aware of MALDEF's opposition to border security? Yes - just as he was aware of Doris Meissner's liberal views on immigration when he picked her to run the INS.
    The ink had hardly dried on this Medal of Freedom when Obledo pushed for ethnic cleansing of California. ("California is going to be a Hispanic [read Mexican] state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave”.)
     It wasn't long after that Obledo was calling for the destruction of a billboard expressing a political position.
    As we enter the 2018 political season, expect much more from California --- including suppression of free speech a la Great Britain.
    As America wakes up the “morning after” twenty-five years of partying with globalist presidents, it is going to be faced with the job of cleaning up the mess they helped create --- starting with California.