Past Articles

December 4th, 2008
ABP and Border Invasion Pics Team Up!
Shown at left is a screen grab from a series of videos taken on a remote mountain trail. Click Here for more

November 19th, 2008
Virtual Vigilance on the Border NEWS REPORT!
This is a screen grab from a KSAT-TV (San Antonio) story about American Border Patrol's Virtual Vigilance System Click Here

November 7th, 2008
Closing the Gap
The final panels of the fence near ABP Ranch are being installed.
(Read More) For a special update on Operation Virtual Vigilance and a request for your help Please, Click Here

November 7th, 2008
Working Hard to Protect the USA
Employees of Kiewit Construction pose for photo at Border Monument 98 on American Border Patrol's Arizona ranch
(Read More)

November 7th, 2008
Work Progressing
Screen grab from ABP's Virtual Vigilance camera system.
(Read More)

November 6th, 2008
Smugglers Cross ABP Ranch
Picture of ABP Bus blocking drug thoroughfare on ABP Ranch
(Read More)

November 4th, 2008
Border Fence Reaches ABP Ranch
Road grader belonging to Kiewit Construction is seen near Monument 98 (Read More)

October 30th, 2008
Cameras Down, Drugs Abound.
Border Patrol vehicle is parked overlooking spot where a suspected drug smuggler drove through the border fence and onto American Border Patrol's ranch (Read More)

October 29th, 2008
Hosting Media from around the Globe
Once again, ABP staff hosts international reporters who seem much more interested in the state of our boders than our own domestic media (Read More)

October 28th, 2008
Hosting Media from around the Globe
American Border Patrol seems to have no trouble attracting international attention to the Border Issue domestic media seems to be another story alltogether. (Read More)

October 27th, 2008
Cameras Down
Recently, ABP noticed 2 themal cameras were missing from the Border Patrol's observation tower adjacent to the ABP Ranch. (Read More)

October 25th, 2008
Working Overtime
This photo was taken this morning. It shows construction crews working on the border fence west of American Border Patrol's ranch in Southeastern Arizona....(Read More)

October 23th, 2008
A sentry with binoculars waits and watches in a remote part of Arizona, (Read More)

October 22nd, 2008
Caught and Exposed
There was a news story in San Diego that 25 illegal aliens were caught in a tractor-trailer in Tecate Monday. Look at this photograph taken of the fence near where the aliens were found. (Read More)

October 21nd, 2008
Fence Progress Near ABP Ranch
This photo was taken from American Border Patrol's ranch in Southeastern Arizona. It shows two construction cranes working on the border fence. (Read More)

October 20rd, 2008
Visit from BBC Reporters
Video crew from British Sky Broadcasting's Five News after a flight in American Border Patrol's Border Hawk M yesterday. (Read More)

October 17th, 2008
Construction Continues
Video crew from British Sky Broadcasting's Five News after a flight in American Border Patrol's Border Hawk M yesterday. (Read More)

October 13th, 2008
Construction Draws Near
This photo, taken Friday morning, shows a construction crew erecting a fence on the border just south of Glenn Spencer's home. (Read More)

October 23rd, 2007
Naco Fence Proves a Deterrent
At approximately 10pm, ABP staff was demonstrating the "Gully Watcher" mobile camera vehicle for CNN reporters when we discovered something, The border fence works! (Read More)

10/25/2007 Elusive Aliens

Operation BEEF 2 DVD SET

Border Survey, 9/24-10/1, 2007

ABP Releases New Yuma Survey

DHS Leaves Border Open

August/Sept 2007 Major B.E.E.F Survey

June 2007 Major B.E.E.F Survey

ABP Assists in Capture, AGAIN!

Operations Beef Yuma Survey

Mexican Military Spotted on Border 02/16/2007

Roadside Apprehension

Border Cam Drug Bust

Operation B.E.E.F 02/05/2007

Operation B.E.E.F 02/07/2007

Operation B.E.E.F 02/0