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September 26, 2016

Norway Runs U.S. Blockade
Blazing cameras penetrate forbidden border zone

Top: Norwegian TV focuses on ABP drone.
Bottom: SEIDARM in action --- this is what they saw

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol    
Norway defies conspiracy to ban reporting
    I have been working on a solution to the border problem for fourteen years.
    Six years ago I found it.
    Since then, my work has been ignored, despite the importance of what I was trying to do.
    This weekend Norwegian TV broke that embargo and told the truth.
    This is just part of what they reported:
Gro Holm, NRK
    Glenn takes me to the "operations center" a couple of hundred meters from the border fence. In an old workshop tests he new technology that he believes could revolutionize border surveillance. The terrain is it buried sensors that detect when people are walking.
    The sensors send out signals that cause it to glow red on a computer screen.
    A small drone in under half a meter in wingspan emitted and take high resolution images of the invaders. Two volunteers are sent out into the terrain to demonstrate to NRK, and there is no doubt that it works.
No Doubt That It Works
    I have been visited by TV news crews from Germany (three times), Japan (twice), France, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Qatar and Brazil.
    In the past eight years, one U.S. TV news crew, CNN, visited me --- but that was just for a free airplane ride and they were not interested in my invention.
    (I gave CNN and airplane ride ten years ago that turned out to be a naked hit-piece.)
    I hold a patent on technology that would go a long way toward solving the border problem, yet I am ignored by the mainstream U.S. media to the point where it is obviously by design --- also known as a conspiracy.
    A professional news organization from Norway looked at my invention and said: "... there is no doubt that it works."
See what they saw:
    What can we conclude from this?
    That's right, the liberal media, working in concert with corrupt government officials, have sought to silence me and keep my invention from ever being used.