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November 22, 2016

The Montezuma Monstrosity - Take 2
Lessons for the Trump transition team

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol   
Is Trump Serious?
    Yesterday we featured a new video --- The Montezuma Monstrosity. (After a closer look we revised the video to better explain the ability of the new camera to see to the east --- and that the proposed new site does an even better job.)
    See the revised version here.
    In the story about the new border tower, Border Patrol public information officer Erin Jackson explains, “When we have a permanent tower we don't have the need for the mobile surveillance trucks because they can be operated by agents remotely.”
    Apparently the new tower is being installed for the convenience of the operators. No mention is made of a reduction in smuggling or migration.
    In the video, I offer this question: "What has been the success of the existing camera in detecting and apprehending smugglers?"
    In other words, is the existing mobile camera doing any good? CBP can't answer that question because they have no way of knowing. They will install a new multi-million dollar tower and they will not know if it is doing the job - because they have no way of knowing if it is.
    Ten years ago I predicted that the Boeing virtual fence would fail because they had no way of knowing how well it worked. It failed for that reason.
    For the past thirteen years I have chronicled the failure of our government to secure the border. I have proven --- over and over again - that this failure continues because the people in power have successfully avoided accountability.
    President-elect Donald Trump is now drafting a plan to secure the border. If he is to avoid the problems that have plagued past efforts, it must include a built-in system to measure how well it is working.