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February 13, 2017

Is Trump building the
Montezuma Monstrosity?

It sure looks that way

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Glenn Spencer --- Operation BEEF 2
An insult to the environment --- and our intelligence
Yesterday I drove to the Montezuma Pass in the Coronado National Monument and found what I feared --- Customs and Border Protection had begun construction on a 160-foot camera tower that, last November, I had dubbed the Montezuma Monstrosity.
    The next day, Nov. 22, I filed a report warning the Trump transition team about this dumb idea.
    The day after that, Nov. 23, I filed a report showing just how dumb it was.
    If the construction work I saw was started by the Trump administration, and it seems reasonable to think it was, then we have a problem. This project will place a monstrous tower on a scenic overview in what is a national park. Moreover, it won't do the job it claims to do.
    The new tower will look down on a spot where the Trump 'wall' is planned, and, if the wall works, we won't need the tower.
    Even so, it would be a simple matter for smugglers and aliens to cross the border in the area the camera is supposed to protect - avoiding detection by using deep washes and heavy vegetation.
    This project represents the kind of thinking from CBP that led to so many disasters in the past.
    The Montezuma Monstrosity is an insult to the environment --- and our intelligence.
Update! Just in --- Taken today! - Aerial photo of Montezuma Tower under construction!