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March 7, 2017

--- Sensible border technology ---

"It saw the people, it got right there... it intercepted them --- this is fabulous. This could be done all along the border."
KVOA-TV -- Tucson -- Written By Lupita Murillo -- (She interviewed Glenn fourteen years ago.)
New border technology could save taxpayers money
    Hereford, Arizona -- A retired systems engineer developed technology that could protect the border and save taxpayers millions of dollars.
    It's called Seidarm, a border security system developed by Glenn Spencer, founder of the American Border Patrol.
    That technology uses drones and ground sensors to detect people. He gave a demonstration on how it worked.
    “This is fabulous, this could be done all along the border,” Spencer said.
    The testing for Seidarm was conducted on Spencer's ranch along the Arizona Mexico border. He said he knows it works because it's detected illegal drug smugglers.
    “I put up $100,000 of my own money and spotted two drug smugglers, the second day two more drug smugglers,” Spencer said.
    Spencer said his technology uses solar power, ground sensors, and drones enhancing what Customs and Border Protection currently uses.
    “It's a force multiplier. The drones will work better, cameras everything will work better when you know where to look,” Spencer said.
    This month, Spencer will submit his technology to the Department of Homeland Security. For its recent call for designing and building prototype wall structures.
    “We estimate the entire cost of Seidarm with drones fully operational would be $240 million for the entire border. This compared to about $12 billion for the fence,” Spencer said.
    He said he talked to Customs and Border Protection about this technology over two years ago and they weren't interested, now with the new administration he believes he has a chance.