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March 10, 2017

Coronado towers...
Stunning revelations
No aesthetic or visual impact? --- smooth earth?

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol -- March 10, 2017
Drain the swamp!
     From the environmental report...
 4.5.13 Aesthetics and Visual Resources
Actions that cause the permanent loss of the characteristics that make an area visually unique or sensitive would be considered to cause a major impact. The Proposed Action would have a long-term, moderate impact on aesthetic qualities within three to five miles of each proposed IFT or RVSS tower. Depending on the location and elevation of a viewer, and due to the nature of the landscape throughout Arizona, it is possible that some IFTs and RVSS could be visible from up to 15 miles away. As such, the visual impact of the IFTs and RVSS would be readily apparent locally. Thus, the Proposed Action, in conjunction with other projects in the region, would result in moderate adverse cumulative impacts on the region's visual resources.
    Stunningly the bureaucrats found "no significant impact" --- on Aesthetics and Visual Resources...
Flat Earth Society?
    The statement of operational requirements for Remote Video Surveillance Systems (RVSS) includes the following:
    The requirements specified in the following sections define the system effectiveness, as well as, non-technical features and characteristics necessary to achieve required operational capabilities. Given the geographical variances where RVSS Upgrade systems will be used, these requirements describe the capability expected for a surveillance subsystem with a clear line of sight (smooth earth).
    So we have bureaucrats saying that monstrous camera towers in a pristine forest, one of which sits on a popular scenic overlook, have no visual impact. These same bureaucrats then spent $148 million on the camera towers that don't have to see anything in this forest.
Drain the swamp!