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April 3, 2017

Trump Tower Going Up in Arizona
Does he even know about it?

Crane operator emerges from cab at Montezuma Pass
Glenn Spencer -- April 3, 2017
The dumbest Trump Tower
    This morning American Border Patrol watched as a huge crane pulled into the parking lot of Montezuma Pass ("what a view!") in the Coronado National Monument.
    As he emerged from his cab, I asked the driver: "Putting up a huge tower?" "Oh, no, it's a small one." "Is 160-feet small?", I asked. "I think it's 100-feet," he said. "I heard it was 160 feet," I responded. "Well, that's still pretty small --- I've done two thousand feet."
    There is no question that our government is right now erecting the Montezuma Monster that ABP warned about last year.
    We have since learned that there are eight towers, and some of them are probably blind as a bat. We have raised serious questions as to who decided to spend $148 million on camera towers to spot illegal aliens who get past President Trump's "impassible barrier."
    It is clear that somebody in Customs and Border Protection doesn't believe the president will succeed with his wall.
    Either way, this Trump Tower has to be the dumbest one he has ever built.
Update! Hiding something? When ABP returned to Montezuma Pass 30 minutes later, they had taped over the door --- hiding the name of the crane company. Not too proud of their work?