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August 25, 2017

Obama's Wall

Obama's Wall east of Douglas, Arizona. -- See larger image
ABP Opinion -- August 25, 2017
Situational Awareness of Obama's Wall
    Obama's Wall, a system conceived in 2011, involving Integrated Fixed Towers, has been built near Nogales, in and near the Coronado National Forest, and east of Douglas, Arizona --- at a cost of $20 million per Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT) --- a total to date of about $500 million.
    The idea was --- not to build a fence --- but allow aliens to cross, and then use IFTs to give agents "situational awareness” so they could chase them down.
    The eight Obama Wall IFTs east of Douglas cover 20 miles of the border at a cost of $8 million per mile. For about half that - $4 million per mile - they could have built a real fence. For a tiny bit more, it could have included the SEIDARM/HERMES system. This would have assured that anyone who made it over the fence would be detected and tracked down within feet of the border. Assured apprehension leads to prevention.
    Obama's DHS/CBP spent about $150 million to help agents chase illegal aliens when, for about half that, they could have prevented them from crossing in the first place. This is, of course, insanity ---insanity that flows directly from the refusal of Obama's DHS/CBP to accept the real definition of its job --- operational control of the border, i.e., prevention of all unlawful entries.
    In June, the Trump DHS OIG issued a special report reminding us the Integrated Fixed Towers were never properly tested - raising serious questions about their ability to spot aliens after they cross the border. We understand that Obama's Wall at Douglas and the Coronado Forest is now under additional scrutiny by the Trump Administration. There is still hope that corrective actions can be taken to save taxpayer's money.
    While the mainstream media chose not to question it, American Border Patrol has full situational awareness of what is going on with Obama's Wall.
SEE FOR YOURSELF: This 2-minute video shows what one of the Douglas IFTs looks at.