Past Features

October 28, 2017

Japanese TV wants to know:
How is President Trump Doing?

Top: Left to right: Glenn Spencer, Fuji TV Cameraman, Fuji reporter (Aho), ABP person, Fuji producer.
Bottom: Top of Integrated Fixed Tower radar and cameras, looking southeast into the Coronado National Forest.
Glenn Spencer -- October 28, 2017
Fuji TV learns about the president's real battle
   I spent most of Friday, October 27, working with journalists visiting from Fuji TV of Japan. They were in the United States to record impressions of Americans, one-year after the election of Donald Trump as President.
    The Fuji TV visit included a demonstration of a new border security system and a look at the Integrated Fixed Tower system in the Coronado National Forest. (The visit is the second by Japanese TV in less than a year .) The demonstration of the SEIDARM/Hermes system was flawless and the visit to see the Integrated Fixed Towers introduced them to a controversy surrounding border security.
    After the technology demonstration the journalist took a tour of the American Border Patrol ranch - including the Flags Along the Border display area, --- the Fuji crew openly expressed amazement that no American TV network had visited the ranch to report on what they just witnessed. I explained that the blackout of my work and that of American Border Patrol is representative of what President Trump faces as he tries to secure the border.
    We next drove the border, ten miles due-east of the ranch, where the Japanese visitors saw what the border looks like for most of Arizona.
    They seemed astonish as I explained that they would see no U.S. Border Patrol agents, camera towers near the border - or hear drones flying over overhead. (I documented this part of the border in my video, Open Border Arizona.)
    We then visited one of the $20 million Integrated Fixed Towers installed by the Obama Administration to protect this part of the border. It didn't take long for them to seem to agree that the tower they saw --- planted in the middle of the forest --- could do little to spot border crossers.
    As professional journalists, I am convinced Fuji TV understood that the blackout of the story of the work of American Border Patrol, the total insecurity of our border, and the uselessness of the Obama IFT border security system, is part of an overall philosophy of the mainstream media to ignore anything that is inconsistent with its globalist narrative.
    The Japanese people may soon learn what President Trump is really up against, even if the American people will not